Canterbury Earthquake Rebuild


Working hand-in-hand with the community, MWH helped Canterbury recover from a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Christchurch | New Zealand


Project Overview

Approximately two months after Canterbury’s September 2010 earthquake, MWH was selected by Vero and AA Insurance to manage and coordinate the repair and rebuilding effort for a significant portion of their claims. Within two days of contract award, the MWH commenced mobilisation and began assessing and dealing with damaged property. Sourcing and managing a multitude of local engineers, architects, builders and contractors, the programme team was at 30 dedicated staff by February 2011.

Due to magnitude and breadth of destruction, there was an immediate need for qualified construction administrators to rebuild Christchurch’s infrastructure. MWH tapped into its own local resources and then expanded outward recruiting people from as far away as Ireland, the UK and the US. Program performance was measured by balanced scorecard. Scorecard was revised at several stages during program life to ensure focus remained aligned to client and customer changing needs.

Construction program was controlled centrally in Christchurch, NZ office. MWHC developed comprehensive cost database to enable monitoring of costs over time. Project scopes included everything from repair of damaged air conditioner units to complete replacement of office buildings.

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Project Scope

The programme covered 1,900 commercial and residential projects. Our services included assessment and procurement of Consultant Services, including fee structure, contract, assessment, recommendation and preparation, fee (cost control), consultant instruction and coordination.

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