Louisville Wastewater Treatment Plant

MWH Constructors is performing general contracting services to modify and incorporate a more efficient, biological nutrient removal process to meet environmental standards. The new plant will be constructed adjacent to the existing wastewater treatment plant, with a 2.54 mgd nominal capacity.

City of Louisville | Louisville, Colorado

MWH Constructors serves as the general contractor for the upgrade to the existing plant and construction of the new wastewater treatment plant to allow the City of Louisville to meet new effluent level regulations. The new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and planned improvements to the Louisville WWTP consist of a modified University of Cape Town (UCT) Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) process with a 2.54 mgd nominal capacity. The new plant will be constructed to the East of the existing wastewater treatment plant.

MWH Constructors is partnering with the City of Louisville to guarantee reliable water to the residents of South Boulder Creek and the Northern Colorado Water Conservation District. The main goal of this project is to meet the new nitrification limits and environmental regulations set forth by Colorado Water Quality Control Commission Regulation 85 that go into effect August 2017. The resulting effluent will discharge into Coal Creek. To guarantee that the new environmental expectations are met or exceeded, MWH Constructors and the City incorporated innovative liquid stream treatment facilities into the design and construction plan. The overall project includes UV disinfection systems and buildings, intricate piping and new asphalt roads. The project is expected to be complete in 2017.

Project Challenges

One of the challenges facing the project team is tying the existing operating system to the new plant while simultaneously repurposing the existing system. The Louisville Wastewater Treatment Plant must remain operational throughout construction. Also, the foundation for the new plant is five feet below the water table, so a dewatering well point system will need to be installed.

Project Results

The project team will first construct the new wastewater treatment plant to the East of the current plant. After this new plant is successfully tied into the original Louisville plant, portions of the Louisville Wastewater Treatment Plant will be repurposed to better suit the City’s needs.


MWHC self-performing on the project

Cubic yards of concrete placed and finished

Cubic yards of concrete total to be poured

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