Construction Services

Construction ServicesCritical to solving our clients’ challenges, MWH Constructors offers a team-oriented approach to its construction services. We approach a project by forming internal teams with various skill sets and by managing them with a minimum of hierarchy. At the same time, we extend this team approach by creating successful partnerships across geographical, institutional and organizational lines. By reviewing a challenge from all sides, we are able to quickly develop the most effective solution.


Project Controls
MWH Constructors uses a computerized scheduling and cost control program as an integral part of our overall project management control. This integration of schedule and cost control into the day-to-day design, procurement and construction activities is vitally important to enabling our project teams to stay on schedule and control costs.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
Exceptional QA/QC is a hallmark of MWH Constructors project management approach and is a continuous process extending from the pre-design phase of a project through completion of the construction. Quality management is incorporated into each project’s scope, schedule and budget.

Where it makes sense for our clients, MWH Constructors self-performs project work – meaning we use our own labor force to complete portions of construction. This enables us to better identify and solve construction challenges, and translates to cost savings through efficiencies during construction.

Sustainable Construction
MWH Constructors integrates sustainable construction methods into every project to meet client needs, while preserving and protecting the local environments in which we work. We regularly work with clients and environmental experts to incorporate construction and management processes that achieve U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification status.

Risk Management
Our Risk Management Services include stat-of-the-art risk analysis and management, construction claims consulting, and litigation and arbitration support. MWH Constructors recognize our clients’ concern for mitigating and sharing risk, avoiding claims, and resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team of professionals focuses on the core issues of risk identification and allocation, entitlement analysis, damage quantification and documentation.

Project Closeout
MWH Constructors plans for project comple­tion as early as possible because it is a critical activity and can make the difference between success and failure. Project closeout includes familiar activities — as-built draw­ings, O&M manuals, spare parts, etc. — but also includes commissioning and startup, as well as contract closeout.