General Contracting/CM at-Risk

MWH Constructors serves as both a construction manager and general contractor for our clients. The collaborative nature of CM at-Risk enables us to partner with the owner and design team to work together to enhance value and reduce costs; provide increased quality assurance and control and accelerate the overall project schedule.

Construction Management Services/CM as-Agent

Our approach to construction management is proactive. MWH Constructors emphasize construction planning throughout the project schedule; excellent communication with the owner, contractor, and designer; quick, on-the-spot resolution of issues as they arise; and, most importantly, always looking ahead to anticipate problems and take corrective action before problems arise. Our procedures benefit clients by avoiding delays, additional costs and almost certain claims.


The design-build delivery method provides clients the benefit of a single-source of responsibility from conception to completion. Integrated design, construction planning and an employing an accelerated schedule are characteristics of this approach. MWH Constructors is dedicated to open communication and fostering an environment of teamwork to craft a successful project.

Integrated Project Delivery

A highly collaborative approach, integrated project delivery (IPD) assembles a team at the earliest stage of a project. This method collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, allowing us to dramatically reduce risk and maximize efficiency for the owner.

Hard Bid/Competitive Bid

Also known as design-bid-build, hard bid is a linear process where one task follows completion of another with no overlap. The project owner selects a design team who completes the project plans and specifications, then bids are issued. Contractors bid the project exactly as it is designed with the lowest responsive bidder awarded the work.