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MWH Constructors (MWHC) is a leading global project delivery company with a focus on water and energy. With the ultimate goal of delivering maximum value to clients and their local communities, MWHC provides single-source, integrated design and construction services and a full range of project delivery methods.

Incorporating industry-leading preconstruction services and safety practices, the Company’s multi-disciplined team of engineering and construction professionals delivers a wide range of projects, including new facilities, infrastructure improvement and expansion, and capital construction services. MWH Constructors operates as a stand-alone company and is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

Formed in 1993, MWHC is a top-tier wastewater contractor specializing in the delivery of public water/wastewater projects across the U.S. and the UK. With roots going back to 1820, MWHC has approximately 2,200 employees worldwide, MWHC currently includes Slayden in the northwestern United States and MWH Treatment in the United Kingdom.

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Blair M. Lavoie, PE

A registered Professional Engineer and General Contractor, Lavoie is President of MWH Constructors, a top-tier, global construction company in the water and wastewater industry. Leading the Stantec Construction Group, Lavoie also provides direction and leadership to MWH Constructors and Slayden in the United States and Stantec Treatment in the United Kingdom. Lavoie graduated from Harvard’s Advanced Management Program and Norwich University. He has been instrumental in shaping the construction industry’s adoption of alternative project delivery models, such as progressive design-build and CMAR.

Paul Bresnan

Bresnan is Managing Director of Stantec Treatment, a member of the Global Executive Board and Non-Executive Director of British Water. He is a natural leader with over 30 years’ experience in the UK’s Utility Sector. With a strong focus on operational excellence, he has worked collaboratively with major clients and partners to deliver value focused business outcomes. Bresnan is responsible for setting and driving the health, safety and well-being agenda, leading the strategic planning process, and has financial accountability for over 1,200 employees, with a business revenue of $350 million per annum. Possessing excellent communication skills enables him to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders across the UK.

Greg Huston

Huston is the President of Slayden Constructors, Inc., and a Senior Vice President with MWH Constructors. With more than 35 years of experience, he has overseen projects throughout the Pacific Northwest, including heavy civil, water/wastewater treatment, dams, fisheries, hydro, and bridges. During and after Slayden’s merger with MWH Constructors, Huston’s focus shifted from overall operations to leadership, strategy and culture, providing unique insight and knowledge gained from his own experience building a self-performing regional contracting firm.

Jeffrey Garner, DBIA, PE, LEED AP

Garner serves as the Chief Business Officer (CBO) and Senior Vice President at MWH Constructors. Having over 30 years of experience in all types of industrial, mining, public and private sector construction along with  overseeing a number of U.S. Water programs, regions and departments, Garner has a proven history of assembling high-functioning teams and implementing winning business development growth strategies.

John Cevaal, PE

Cevaal is a Professional Engineer and a Senior Vice President with MWH Constructors. With more than 30 years of experience in the water sector, he has been responsible for all aspects of project execution on a wide range of project types, from complex water and wastewater projects to capital construction services and facilities programs for global industrial clients. Having overseen work in China, Australia, Japan, Israel, Canada and the United States, he has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of integrated program management.

Philip C. Croessmann, J.D.

Croessmann is the Global Director of Risk Management for MWH Constructors. In addition to being a licensed Attorney, Croessmann is a Registered Architect and General Building Contractor with more than 30 years of experience providing risk, commercial and claims management services. He is active in the American Bar Association’s Construction Forum. He also served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association and is actively involved in alternative dispute resolution.

Chip LaBonte

LaBonte is the U.S. Core Water Director for MWH Constructors. He has devoted the majority of his career to managing water and wastewater projects where his responsibilities included self-perform, CMAR and design-build operations of approximately $350 million to $450 million annually, with associated safety, estimating, equipment and craft development functions. LaBonte has 25 years of experience in the industry and played a major role in developing and executing strategic plans to grow water and wastewater revenues.

Lisa Ponder, J.D.

Ponder is the Vice President and the Global Human Resources Director at MWH Constructors. With more than 20 years of experience as a human resource executive and practicing attorney, she is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources for over 2200 employees in the U.S., U.K. and Israel. Having lead H.R. teams for various high-profile employers, she has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what it takes to attract, develop and retain the best talent in the industry. She holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Human Resources from the University of Denver and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Clint Rivet

Rivet is the Chief Financial Officer at MWH Constructors and has more than 20 years of experience in finance and accounting in the engineering and construction industry. He joined MWH Constructors as the financial controller in 2011. Prior to joining MWH Constructors Rivet spent 13 years in public accounting serving public and private real estate and construction clients. He received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Louisiana State University and holds a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accreditation in Colorado.


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We put people first.

Our people at the core of what we do. We want our employees to succeed, however they define it – from accomplishing stimulating, challenging work to becoming leaders in their fields and communities. We are committed to supporting, fostering and investing in individual success through a culture of opportunity, mentorship and innovation.

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We do what is right.

A company’s reputation centers on its integrity. The way we treat our people, clients and neighbors reflects who we are, what we believe in, and how we do our work. Our commitment to doing things right is evident in everything we do, from professional excellence in our project work to taking responsibility for projects within our communities.

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We are better together.

Strong, long-lasting relationships directly impact the success of our employees, clients, projects and communities. We will reach our full potential as an organization and as trusted advisors for our clients only when we combine our unique strengths and passion.

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We are driven to achieve.

Achievement at every level begins and ends with a firm commitment to being the best we can be. We are committed to becoming and remaining a top global construction firm. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s one we take seriously. In order to achieve our Top 10 objective, we recognize our key challenge is to maintain the stability and strength of our local relationships while balancing the management of growth projections.


The MWH Constructors vision is to deliver safe, successful and sustainable design and construction projects across the environmental/infrastructure marketplace. We will achieve our Vision through careful planning and execution of. . .

Our Strategy:

  • To be the employer of choice to attract and retain the best talent in the industry – an organization that cares, develops and protects its employees
  • To be a partner and collaborate with clients on Safety, Project Excellence, Ethics and Quality
  • To be a Top Tier Contractor in the U.S. and U.K. water marketplace
  • To be a diverse and forward-looking service provider, always exceeding client and stakeholder expectations
  • To provide value and return on investment to our employees and our shareholders

Company History

MWH Constructors, a leader in diversified project delivery, was formed from five water and energy companies with a combined 180-year history. As part of Stantec Construction Group, we are a fully integrated one-stop shop for the full life cycle of any project. We maintain deep connections to the communities in which we work because we’re on the ground, actively designing and building globally. Our ongoing experience with both traditional and alternative project delivery models underscores our creative, client-by-client approach to projects. Our self-performance sets us apart from our competitors. We have the skills, experience and pride of workmanship to execute with unrivaled sophistication.

180 Years of Experience

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Our History

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How I Work Safe

Benjamin Haim

Commercial Risk Analyst, Broomfield, CO (HQ)

I stay safe on the job by wearing the proper safety equipment and always knowing my surroundings. Often times, our jobsites, and the hazards they present change dramatically in the time between my visits. For this reason, I always take time to recognize and appreciate the new and changed environment.

Barry Wheless

Pipefitter, Winston-Salem, NC

I stay safe because I have coworkers depending on me to work safely, and they do the same for me.

Porque tengo compañeros de trabajo que dependen de mí para trabajar de manera segura, y ellos hacen lo mismo por mí.

Greg Parana

U.S. Safety Director, Broomfield, CO (HQ)

I'm always looking one step ahead. How could I get hurt? What am I going to do to prevent it? If I can’t answer those questions, I stop and ask for help. No job task is more important than me or my teams' health and safety.

Megan Fonseca

Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Hillsboro, OR

I stay safe on the job by actively participating in project pre-planning through safety engineering and design. During the project I continue to stay engaged by cultivating a positive safety culture through utilization of relevant training, active audits, and strategic coaching techniques.

Khaled Abou-Zeiter

Site Manager, OR

I stay safe on the job by proper training, following safety rules, and using the right PPE.

Kenya Smith

Administrative Assistant, Hillsboro, OR

I stay safe on the job by being responsible for my workplace safety, going above and beyond the minimum safety standards and encouraging my co-workers to do the same.

Juan Carlos

Pipefitter, Winston-Salem, NC

I work safely because I am the one who supports my family, and working safely allows me to return home well and continue my normal life.

Trabajo seguro porque soy el el que da soporte a mi familia, y el trabajar seguro me permite regresar a casa bien y seguir mi vida normal.

Driss Benchekroun

Project Engineer & Assistant Project Manager, Winston-Salem, NC

Aside from wearing my PPE, I stay safe on the job by staying up-to-date on my safety training, and following our safety rules.

Gianna Langoni

Administrative Assistant, Denver, CO

I stay safe on the jobsite by wearing the appropriate PPE and constantly being aware of my surroundings. I also help keep the jobsite safe by ensuring everyone has completed our safety orientation program before beginning work.

Owais Abdrabi

Lead/Supervising Inspector, California

I stay safe on the job by creating a workplace safety environment based on shared responsibility.

Francisco Ochoa

Assistant Superintendent, Dallas, TX

I stay safe on the job by being a resource for everyone around me and influencing my coworkers to work safe. Make Safety Personal. Work Safe. Live Safe.

Steve Neil

Construction Manager, Denver, CO

I stay safe by following all of the safety rules and wearing my safety gear. I also pay attention to where the hazards are and know where they are at all times.

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