Addressing Infrastructure Challenges Using the CMAR Method: How Fremont, Ohio Found Success with the Construction Management-at-Risk Delivery Method

Substantial reduction of state and federal funding for public infrastructure projects is the new reality facing municipalities and utilities, including the City of Fremont in rural northwest Ohio. Fremont’s Water Pollution Control Center (WPCC) was built in 1949 and aging rapidly – the sewer treatment plant and storm drainage system were no longer adequate to support the town’s population and was becoming a pollution risk to the nearby Sandusky River. Driven by increased federal- and state-mandated environmental protection pressure and the desire to provide updated services to residents, Fremont turned to an alternative project delivery method, known as construction management at-risk (CMAR).

Jim Ellis, former Mayor of the City of Fremont, and MWH worked together to develop a whitepaper dedicated to sharing the benefits of the CMAR method.

Please read the whitepaper by clicking the below link:

CMAR White Paper

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