Advances Made at Dual Media Filters Phases 3 & 4 Upgrade and Expansion Project

MWH in a joint venture with Tiberti Construction has made significant advances on the $94 million Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) Dual Media Filters Phases 3 & 4 Upgrade and Expansion project in Las Vegas, NV. This construction management at-risk project will deliver a 40-mgd wastewater treatment plant upgrade to double the facility’s throughput capacity. The project is comprised of eight separate process units, six of which are already in operation.

CCWRD has expressed a high degree of satisfaction in the Joint Venture’s performance and the quality of the work to date:CCWRD EQ Dome_1

“This is directly related to the commitment the entire project team has brought to developing a collaborative relation with CCWRD focused on best for project outcomes,” said Richard Trapp, project manager. “This relationship has been the foundation for CCWRD awarding approximately $5 million in additional remediation and improvement work throughout the project lifecycle.”

Richard also noted the project has offered some unique opportunities for emerging MWH personnel, specifically commending the commissioning team as a group of young professionals who have excelled in their contribution to what is anticipated to be a highly successful project outcome.

The Dual Media Filters Phases 3 & 4 Upgrade and Expansion project is slated for final completion in August 2017, including overall plant performance testing.

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