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Lana Piskorowski

James M. Montgomery: A Founding Father of Modern Water Reuse

In 1945, James McKee Montgomery laid the foundation for an environmental engineering consultancy firm named James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers, Inc. (JMM) in Pasadena, CA, focusing on water and wastewater solutions. You may recognize “Montgomery” as the “M” in MWH. The company was officially incorporated in 1954 and offered a range of engineering and construction management services.

Another Win for MWH in Saco, ME

Earlier this year, the City of Saco selected MWH as the Construction Manager At-Risk for the $50M Water Resource Recovery Facility Upgrade project. The project consists of a new treatment building with aerobic granular sludge treatment processes, secondary filtration, and UV disinfection with upgraded grit removal and solids handling, as well as the conversion of existing clarifiers for additional stormwater storage and site grading alterations to mitigate tidal flooding from the adjacent Saco River.

Turning Waste Into Resources | The Success of Sunriver’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

On July 19th, Slayden Constructors marked the completion of a transformative four-year endeavor – the Sunriver Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade – with a ribbon-cutting event. With an investment of $18.5 million, this state-of-the-art facility has undergone a significant evolution, now capable of processing 1.5 million gallons of wastewater each day.

MWH’s Ongoing Commitment to Advancing Water Reuse: A Recap of Recent and Upcoming Sponsorships

In July, MWH stood as a proud sponsor of the AZ Water Association’s Arizona Water Reuse Symposium—an annual gathering that serves as a cornerstone for vital discussions on both present and future water demands. This event plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of water reuse projects across the southwestern region of the United States. We are also looking forward to sponsoring the Texas and California Water Reuse Conferences.

Water Reclamation in Washoe County: The Ongoing Success of the South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility 2020 Expansion Project

Nestled in the heart of Washoe County, the South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility (STMWRF) 2020 Expansion Project is underway. Collaboratively led by joint venture partners MWH Constructors and KG Walters (MWH&KGW, a Joint Venture), this venture seeks to increase plant capacity, ensuring the county’s wastewater and reclamation needs are met well into the future. This article sheds light on the project’s progress, exemplary concrete work, innovative solutions, and the team’s commitment to positively impacting the community.