Brunei Crown Prince Releases Two Sea Turtles at MWH Project

His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office took part in the release of two sea turtles on, April 25, 2015 at a MWH Global project site.

Tanjong Batu at the southern end of Muara beach is being protected as part of a Dept. Drainage & Sewerage (DDS) project under the 10th National Development Plan (RKN10) titled ‘Protection of Brunei Bluff and Control of Beach Erosion at Meragang.’ Studies of the Brunei coastline have identified this area as suffering from cliff collapse as well as loss of beach deposits at Meragang through sea and meandering river mouth action.

One objective of the project is to prevent waves from further undercutting of the cliff face and reduce landslides that are eroding Tanjong Batu and also threaten VIP Housing on the point. A natural stone breakwater is being constructed at the toe of the cliff. This breakwater has a concrete pavement surface allowing the public foot access at all tides from Muara around to Meragang beach.

The works are designed and monitored in accordance with current environmental legislation and the intention is to preserve as much of the ecosystems as practicable. To this end, the stone breakwater is porous and allows the natural tidal variation to continue on the inside of the breakwater.

Rock pools and other natural features will be accessible at low tide by means of stairs and public amenity has been foremost in the design of the protection works. This evidenced by the provision of shelters, barbeques and fishing rod holders in strategic locations.

River training walls have been provided at the mouth of Sg Pemburongunan along with two small stone headlands at the eastern end of Meragang beach to control erosion and allow the beach to return to its full width. A footbridge across Sg Pemburongunan will allow public to enjoy the beach and Tg Batu at all times and tides.

This visit by HRH was part of a working visit to various government projects.

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