MWH and Kiewit - a Joint Venture

Bull Run Filtration Project

About the JV

MWH Constructors and Kiewit are working together as a Joint Venture for the Bull Run Filtration Project. We’re interested in having you join our team!

Project Information

Portland Water Bureau - From forest to faucet, we deliver the best drinking water in the world.

Portland is building a new filtration facility to keep their water safe and abundant for generations to come. The new filtration plant will remove the microorganism Cryptosporidium and must be completed by 2027 to comply with state and federal water quality rules.

The filtration facility will also remove sediment, organic material, and other potential contaminants, providing consistent high-quality drinking water and making the water system more reliable.

Building a filtration facility of this size takes about a decade to plan, design, permit, and construct. The Portland Water Bureau has already begun work on the initial steps and has made some key decisions about the future filtration facility. The new filtration facility will be located just outside the Bull Run Watershed in rural Multnomah County. Portland Water Bureau has owned the filtration facility property for decades and has been operating facilities in the area for more than 100 years. The filtration facility site was selected because it met the requirements—the site is at the right elevation to work with existing infrastructure, it’s owned by Portland Water Bureau, the facility is consistent with the site’s zoning requirements, and it’s large enough to provide a buffer around the facility and its neighbors.

About MWH

MWH Constructors

MWH is a recognized leader in the delivery of municipal water projects using the CM/GC method. We have delivered more than 30 small to large water and wastewater CM/GC projects within the past 10 years alone, providing more than 70% of our revenue and generating a wealth of lessons learned and specialized project delivery systems. Additionally, we look forward to further cementing the valued relationship we have formed with PWB through the work we have performed on the Corrosion Control Improvements Project. We will look to use this experience and knowledge of your preferred processes and procedures to ensure the Bull Run Treatment Program runs smoothly and efficiently.


About Kiewit

Kiewit - Since 1984

With over 50 years of experience in the water market, Kiewit brings both engineering and constructability solutions on how to treat, distribute and control water and wastewater sources to utilities, industries, state and federal agencies. Over the past 40 years, Kiewit has delivered over 1,600 projects using alternative project delivery methods. These projects currently make up over 55% of our annual revenue. Kiewit has completed hundreds of alternative delivery projects (including CM/GC or GC/CM) with a combined contract revenue of over $9B on projects across North America.

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