MWH’s Responsibility

MWH is responsible for the planning and execution of critical infrastructure projects across the United States. Our commitment to the construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities allows us to positively impact millions of American lives every day. We carry an equal, if not greater, responsibility to care for the health and safety of our employees, our trade partners and our clients.

C-19 Task Force

The COVID-19 pandemic (C-19) places a new set of responsibilities upon MWH as we have been deemed “essential” in each of the communities where we work. MWH has established a C-19 Task Force dedicated to monitoring the following information to assist us in updating company-wide health protocols:

  1. The national and global impacts of the virus
  2. Guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  3. Directives emanating from federal, state, and local agencies

The task force meets multiple times each week to monitor the health and safety of our employees, identify and resolve business challenges arising from C-19, and provide regular updates to our employees through the following mediums: the Coronavirus Update section of our company intranet, frequent emails to all employees, and our All-Hands biweekly videoconferences.

Company-Wide Health Protocols

We have established protocols to ensure consistent and effective management of our workplaces. We encourage behaviors to avoid infection and transmission of the virus. These protocols include, but are not limited to, workplace cleaning, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment. We have instituted work-from-home directives, restricted travel and replaced face-to face-meetings with video conferencing. We require employees who are sick to stay home and encourage high-risk individuals to stay home, as well.

Project Specific Action Plans

We have established project specific action plans to complement our company-wide health protocols and address the unique circumstances of each project site and office location. These plans address how we interact with our trade partners, clients, and the public in terms of health and safety, as well as project execution, logistics, and supply chain management.

MWH’s First Priority

There is no higher priority for MWH than the health and safety of our employees. We are fully committed to operating in accordance with the guidelines set by federal, state, and local authorities. During this ever-evolving global challenge, we continue to make course adjustments to address the changing situations and directives in the communities where we work.

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