Marshall Davert Delivers Keynote at Leadership Fiji Summit

MWH President of Government and Industry MWHDr. Marshall Davert, Americas and Asia Pacific president of government and infrastructure for MWH, was recently the keynote speaker at the Leadership Fiji Summit.

The summit included more than 50 participants from government agencies, financial institutions, NGOs, media organisations and other private sector industries.

Dr. Davert, spoke to participants about the importance of leadership and good management in organisations; he also went to advise Leadership Fiji participants to stay active in the alumni programme. The summit was part of the alumni development programme with the theme ‘Leadership in the 21st Century’.

The Chief-Guest at the summit was United Nations Resident Coordinator & United Nations Development Representative – Fiji Multi-Country Office, Osnat Lubrani.

“There is a difference between management and leadership because in our day jobs most of us are managers and as managers it is important that we also provide leadership which is two separate sets of skills which appear to be in conflict,” Ms Lubrani said.

“Lot of our time is spent with managerial activities and it is important that we separate that as what we do as leaders but remember the best managers are also the best leaders.”

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