MWH Featured in MWH Global Economics of Water Report

Communities face a range of daunting water and natural resources challenges, from rampant flooding to devastating droughts to rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. Many of these issues played out in cities nationwide this past year, taking major infrastructure upgrades from nicety to necessity. These challenges also provide the opportunity to develop smarter, cost-effective programs and processes. That’s why MWH Global is launching a series of Economics of Water Reports. Each report will examine key issues and offer solutions from water and natural resources experts from MWH and its operating family, including construction-arm MWH Constructors and business consulting firm Hawksley Consulting.

In this first issue of Economics of Water, you’ll read about:

  • Austin Water Treatment Plant No. 4 case study on how to meet water demands of growing cities;
  • how to reduce flood risks (Darrin Punchard);
  • and how to turn big data into smarter utility planning using the Hawksley Consulting Financial Benchmarking Database (Jason Mumm);

The report also includes consumer insights from the 2015 MWH Water Survey.

Learn more in the first Economics of Water Report.

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