MWH Global Awarded Development Projects in Turkish Energy and Water Sectors

Istanbul, Turkey – MWH Global has been awarded technical assistance contracts for two projects related to the continued focus on the development of Turkey and the reforms of its energy and water sectors, in line with the Development Goals and accession efforts towards joining the European Union.

For the first project, MWH will handle the assessment of the Turkish drinking water resources and the country’s treatment plants, as well as the legal and institutional structures of the drinking water sector, to provide the basis to develop efficient and sustainable options and alternatives for drinking water treatment plant investments. The purpose of this project for the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization ultimately is to ensure that water intended for human consumption is wholesome and clean and to establish a framework for community action in the field of water policy. As part of this project, an Asset Survey will be conducted for all 240 potable water treatment plants across Turkey including OPEX analysis for energy and chemical consumption.

The second project is part of the EU’s 2012 Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) program for Turkey and concerns the provision of consultancy services to help achieve Turkey’s goals for growth in the energy efficiency (EE) sector. The project’s aim is to ensure the development of the EE market in the industrial and building sectors, as well as improve project preparation capacity and develop capacity for commercial lending and financing of EE investments in these sectors. The project also includes paving the road for the development of an energy service companies (ESCOs) industry in Turkey to help growth of the EE market and enhancing the policies and institutional framework in line with EU legislation.

MWH is closely involved in the efforts to stimulate investments in sustainable energy in Turkey, through the TuREEFF, MidSEFF, EgyptSEFF, Tajikistan Climate Resilience Financing Facility and TurSEFF projects for the EBRD, which are implemented by the MWH team in Istanbul. Dr. Murat Sarioglu, Operations Director at MWH Turkey: “Over the past years, Turkey has made immense steps towards being more energy efficient, by making important changes in the legislation. We are proud to be heavily involved in this process to help ensure that the changes have the desired effect and further our progress. Both projects are of great importance for the development of our nation and the steps towards joining the European Union. It is an honor to be involved and a great opportunity for MWH to show its expertise in both the energy and water sectors. These projects will definitely further enhance MWH’s presence and visibility in Turkey as part of our continuous growth.”

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