MWH Global Featured in PBS Documentary

​In a recently released PBS documentary “Panama Canal: Post-Panamax” produced by Miami-based WPBT2, MWH design team leader Greg Hillebrenner is featured as a result of his extensive involvement during design and construction of the Panama Canal Expansion Third Set of Locks Project. Starting approximately 20 minutes into the documentary, Greg receives a considerable amount of air time taken from a formal interview in Miami and on-site interviews in Panama, where he explains the involvement of MWH and shares insights on the new Atlantic and Pacific Third Set of Locks for this monumental project.

The nearly one-hour documentary walks viewers through the various components of the canal expansion. It begins by detailing the circumstances surrounding the canal and its trade value, moves on to describing challenges faced during design and construction of the expansion, and concludes by highlighting the important implications such a project has for the country of Panama.

The full documentary is available online here or click the image below:

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