LWD 2185-90

MWH Treatment Health and Safety Week | October 24-28

MWH Treatment is supporting European Week for Health and Safety at Work. European Health and Safety Week begins on October 24, and aims to promote the importance of health and safety at work for all our employees both on site and in our offices.

MWH Treatment are dedicated to raising awareness of health and safety and whilst top of our agenda throughout the year, the week provides an excellent opportunity to remind us all of our priority to keep everyone safe and contribute towards strengthening the company’s safety culture and vision.

The week will consist of daily topics which will provide an insight in to key areas; including slips, trips and falls at work, with focus on showing measures that can help prevent the most common cause of injury at work. At numerous locations, we will be providing wellbeing checks with an occupational nurse, and encouraging staff to be more conscious of their health.

Our credentials are demonstrated by the fact we have won six successive gold RoSPA Occupational Safety and Health Awards, however there is always room to improve. European Week for Health and Safety at Work will provide a focus to engage with our employees and encourage you to raise any concerns about workplace health and safety standards and deliver our H&S vision and a safe working environment.

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