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MWH Treatment holds first of four SHEQ Conferences

sheq 1MWH Treatment kicked off the nationwide SHEQ conference tour by hosting its first event. These conferences have been designed to promote the future of safety, health, environment and quality while comparing current practices to those of the past. SHEQ makes up an integral part of our industry and these conferences are putting an important spotlight on these considerations.

MWH Treatment employees and members of the supply chain joined the over 100 individuals who travelled from across the UK to attend this conference and see what exactly the future of SHEQ looks like. The conference was split into three sections, addressing the past, present and future, with each telling a different aspect of SHEQ.

As an engaging way to deliver the SHEQ updates and messages, there were a series of organized skits featuring the Back to the Future characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly. In the scenes, Doc and Marty were travelling through time seeing the standards of SHEQ through the different periods. It was an effective way to frame the presentations and talks; combining humor, information and interactivity. The scenes gave an interesting depiction of the three time periods, and allowed the attendees to ask questions to the actors whose responses varied depending on the SHEQ standards of the time period they were depicting.

Managing Director Rolfe Nuttall said, “the first nationwide SHEQ conference was a fantastic event allowing us to demonstrate where we believe SHEQ is now, where it could be going and how far we have come. Thank you to all who made the journey to Carlisle and helped make the conference work so well.”

The SHEQ conference was a huge success, with everyone engaging in an activity packed day and taking something important away from the presentations and demonstrations. Thank you to everyone who attended and organized and see you at the next conference.

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