MWH Treatment Signs Up to a Wellbeing Charter

MWH Treatment signs up to a Wellbeing Charter aimed at ensuring all of our colleagues are happy, healthy and engaged at work.  The Charter focusses the key strategic aims of providing Better Work, Better Relationships, Better Specialist Support and Better Physical and Psychological Health, all enabling us to work well.

Starting our 2016 wellbeing programme, we have focused on ‘Be Healthy’ to help promote Better Physical and Psychological Health.  Colleagues from all of MWH Treatment’s operations were invited to take part in our ‘Waist Management’ 12 week programme dedicated to helping them to lose weight by offering encouragement, support and tips to eating healthier.Paul Gledhill, Managing Director, MWH Treatment said, “like all organisations we have always had a clear strategy for improving Health and Safety performance, with the emphasis on safety, our Wellbeing Charter however will see increased focus on the health and wellbeing of all of our colleagues. We want healthy, happier and more engaged colleagues operating in a culture that promotes working well and leads to fulfillment. We see Wellbeing as a key factor in allowing us to achieve our strategic goal of being employer of choice in the sectors in which we operate.”Throughout the rest of the year the programme will focus on three key campaigns namely Be Active, Be Inspired and Be Mindful. Each of these will have challenges attached to them, similar to the Waist Management challenge, to bring together all our employees by helping to change behaviors and promote a supportive culture.

Vicky Gillibrand, MWH Treatment’s Wellbeing lead said, “We are just a month into our Waist Management programme and already a significant number of colleagues from across the UK have signed up and are on target to deliver against their weight loss pledges.  Waste Management has been well received and MWH Global colleagues from around the world have also taken up the programme.  I am delighted that this has proved so popular and demonstrated a wide support and level of engagement from across the business for our Wellbeing commitment.”

Click on the image below to view the Wellbeing Charter


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