MWH Treatment Welcome New Starters

Twice a year the MWH Treatment Soapworks office welcomes new starters for the Building Connections event. Nearly 50 people made their way from across the UK to Salford to learn more about their new employers and to meet some of their fellow MWH Treatment colleagues. The event was split across two days with an evening meal before a day of presentations and workshops.

Building Connections 1

The evening at Dukes 92 saw fantastic food and conversation as everyone from around the regions got to know each other. An ice breaker game started proceedings with each person tasked with finding out information about one another in order to fill in a bingo sheet, this ranged from discovering who owned a classic car to someone that is afraid of cows. It was an excellent way to get people chatting and bypass any initial nerves about meeting new people. Then a delicious three course meal and an extremely difficult quiz completed what was a very enjoyable night.

If the evening was for getting to know each other, then the following day was for learning about MWH Treatment. A day of presentations from some of the directors helped everyone get an understanding about the structure of the company, the role of Stantec and about different departments like finance, engineering and human resources.

Intermixed between the presentations were workshops which helped break up the day and went into more detail about particular elements to MWH Treatment. These were Knowledge Sharing, Wellbeing, SHEQ and MyProgress, as in some cases they required demonstrations and interaction in smaller groups.  There was plenty to learn with all the presenters making what was a huge amount of information, easy to take in and not seem overbearing. Everyone was engaged and full of questions about their new employers.

Training Manager Louise Pulman said “It was excellent to meet so many new starters from all over the UK and to see everyone so engaged in learning about the company. Building Connections helps us to get to know one another and to give new employees an idea of what they can expect from MWH Treatment. It was a fantastic couple days, thank you to everyone who attended.”

Building Connections was another successful event for MWH Treatment and as the employees made the journey back to their respective offices and sites they had time to reflect on everything they had learnt over the two days. With new working relationships formed and a better understanding of their new company, the Building Connections event was invaluable for all attendees.

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