MWH Safestart

MWH Treatment Works collaboratively with clients to deliver safety Vision

Safe StartCongratulations to the MWH Treatment teams working on projects in the Severn Trent region on successfully working 12 months without a lost time incident (LTI).

Saturday 17th of September was an important day for the safety journey in the region. The teams have now worked a whole year equating to 269,403 man hours without an LTI.

This is an outstanding achievement and shows the dedication our employees have to help deliver not only our own health and safety vision “to provide an environment that is healthy, safe and free from harm for all employees and stakeholders” but also support Severn Trent Water on their “journey to zero”

Regional Director Stephen J Kennedy congratulated everyone involved “An excellent demonstration of brilliant team work. A team successfully working with a shared vision that nobody should be injured due to an accident is more than just a numerical goal but a way of thinking. We are on a journey providing a basis for learning from accidents and improving processes.

I believe this is more than just a team effort, we are utilizing innovation such as safety in design and 4D technology to engage and understand that we can work differently to successfully deliver our health and safety vision.

Well done, well deserved and thank you all for your efforts”.

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