New Drone Footage of Logan Regional WWTF Project

MWH (MWH) is currently serving as the CM/GC on the Logan Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility project in Logan, Utah.  The Facility will be a new 18mgd treatment facility that will replace the existing system. MWH will construct new facilities that tie into the existing headworks and outfall which will include, a magnetite process, solids holding and processing, secondary clarifiers, a new influent pump station feeding a new fine screen headworks and grit removal structure, new biological reactors, UV reactors and a connection to the effluent discharge.

The project team is in the middle of drilling nearly 3,000 auger cast piles which help create a concrete deep foundation. Next to the main plant, there is a mile stretch of utility lines being assembled for installing this spring/summer. Concrete Structures will begin at the end of spring.

Check out this cool video of the current construction on this project here.

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