Outstanding Results For The Hulland Ward Project Team

Proving the value of having a great project team is easy if you are working as a part of Hulland Ward. As we can see from their recent audit scores, the team is consistently performing above and beyond the call of duty. The team has been audited on site twice in three months, once by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and then by the Achilles Verify audit team.

The Considerate Constructors audit awarded the team “Performance Beyond Compliance” after they successfully improved on their last audit. Considerate Constructors is focussed on raising the standards of construction in the following areas:

  • Care about appearance
  • Respect the community
  • Protect the environment
  • Secure everyone’s safety
  • Value the workforce

The Hulland Ward team scored 45/50, which included a 10/10 for safety.

Following up on that success, the second audit was by Achilles Verify, which looked at the key business areas below. The team scored:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – 100%
  • Environment – 100%
  • Quality – 100%
  • Health and Safety – 94%

Achilles Verify monitors supply chain risk and compliance with EU regulations.

This team and the way they run the site is a credit to MWH. It has demonstrated the highest possible standards of consideration towards safety, the public, its workforce and the environment.

The Sewage Treatment site was originally built in the 1960s and in 2014 MWH started work to replace a 50-year old conventional, biological filter works with a new Primary and Secondary treatment works. The site is owned and operated by Severn Trent Water and is located in the Derbyshire Dales, 15 miles North West of Derby. The site treats wastewater from a population of 900 within the Ecclesborne catchment area.

Congratulations to the Hulland Ward team for their great scores!

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