In the early 1960s, Denver Water originally constructed the Hillcrest water storage facility. Since the area’s population has continued to grow, it has placed increased demand on the storage and pumping facilities.

MWH was awarded a $100 million contract to provide facility upgrades that will increase water storage capacity by removing two existing storage basins with a combined capacity of approximately 30 million gallons and replacing them with three new circular concrete tanks with a combined capacity of approximately 45 million gallons. Construction also includes the replacement of the existing pump station with a new facility.

  • Savings of $2 million with Value Engineering.
  • Exceeding MBE/WBE goal.
  • Extensive public outreach program was established.
  • Denver Water provided discounted water rates after first phase for affected neighbors.
  • Window cleaning service provided to adjacent properties.
  • Improved fencing including installation of sound attenuation blankets on the new fences.
  • Enhanced final landscaping to improve aesthetics.