The Advanced Water Purification Facilities (AWPF) Ultimate Expansion project will increase the advanced water purification treatment capacity from 6-to 1-mgd product water. The $60M project includes additional MF, RO, and AOP systems and a balance of upgrades to existing pumping stations and systems, chemical addition system, auxiliary systems, and utilities. The advanced oxidation process (AOP) System using ultraviolet irradiation/sodium hypochlorite (UV/NaOCl) will replace the existing Phase 1 disinfection system. To operate AWPF at a constant flow and maximize production, the project also includes a 2-MG tertiary effluent equalization tank upstream of the AWPF.

  • Doubles capacity of plant flow, producing 12 million gallons per day of advanced purified recycled water.
  • Recycled water from Terminal Island AWPF is currently used at the Dominguez Gap Barrier for seawater intrusion barrier injection, protecting the quality of the West Coast Groundwater Basin.