This $172 million CMAR project for the City of Tallahassee included preconstruction and establishing multiple GMPs, as well as the complete construction of facility upgrades. MWH tailored the project work packages to encourage participation by the local community. These outreach efforts provided employment to over 200 craft workers and created a substantial economic impact of more than $100M per year for the local Tallahassee economy.

The facility’s capacity was nearly doubled from 14.3 to 26.5 mgd, with a future upgrade to 30.5 mgd. The main project goal was to incorporate a more efficient enhanced nutrient removal treatment process to meet new environmental standards. These standards were not only met but exceeded state expectations.

  • Saved the owner $40 million.
  • 1 million work hours were completed without a lost time incident.
  • Florida-based subcontractors constructed more than 72% of the total project.
  • Used fuel efficient hybrid vehicles and golf carts on the project site.
  • Recycled more than 95% of all concrete and steel construction debris saving 2,500 yards of concrete debris and 300,000 pounds of reinforced steel from entering a landfill.
  • The City of Tallahassee Underground Utilities Department was named 2013 Team Showcase Champion by the Florida Sterling Council for its outstanding achievement in implementing a nitrogen reduction program. This first place award was given in recognition of the City’s commitment to implement Advanced Wastewater Treatment at the Thomas P. Smith Water Reclamation Facility.