Responsible Business Week | April 18 – 22, 2016

supporting_bitc_2016-150x207Responsible Business Week is hosted by Business in the Community and it provides a great opportunity for us to celebrate success and raise our profile by sharing examples from MWH highlighting what makes us a responsible business.

Responsible business week is a perfect time to raise awareness, celebrate success and share examples from MWH highlighting what makes a responsible business.

Our purpose at MWH is Building a Better World: We better the lives of those we touch and improve communities around the world through our personal and professional contributions.

That’s why MWH employees are sharing their passion for Building a Better World: by raising awareness, celebrating successes and giving examples of what makes MWH a responsible business.

Throughout the week employees are delivering a series of lunch and learn sessions to their colleagues to help raise awareness of how they can get involved and contribute to making a difference


Topics include:

  • How MWH utilises the skills of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) ambassadors to talk to the next generation of young people about the opportunities a career in engineering can offer.
  • Our ex armed forces personnel share their experiences with us and tell us how they are applying the skills they learnt during service to their roles at MWH.
  • How the application of innovation and new technology is helping us to deliver our projects safer and quicker, whist reducing risks and improving quality.
  • On Friday we are hosting “Feel Good Friday” which bring the best examples of considerate construction from our sites around the country

By being a part of responsible business week we create a fairer society and a more sustainable business.

MWH support RBWeek







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