Operations & Maintenance

We understand the importance of a well-run facility. Through our strategic short and long-term O&M services we are able to initiate success with our clients. When O&M is outsourced, clients can focus resources on their core business initiatives while our expert O&M teams protect their capital investments through:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved compliance
  • Cost savings
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Technical support
  • Improved maintenance, operations, training, and safety programs
  • MWH provides clients with revolutionary automated O&M manuals with site map-driven interface to standard operating procedures, drawings, piping & instrumentation diagrams, equipment literature, spare parts lists, lubrication schedules, etc.
  • We’ve successfully conducted several operation and maintenance services through 1- to 5-year contracts with renewal options.
  • We conduct tailored hands-on operational training – our licensed operator will start operations and then hand off to utility operators.

Operations & Maintenance Statistics

Our team can stay up to 12 months to assist in operations
Providing O&M services on a 300 gpm ground water treatment plant
Providing O&M in the U.S. since 1995

Throughout the construction process, I have found MWH to be professional and competent in their work. In addition, we appreciated the use of local Greenville-based subcontractors. This local participation was important for keeping the revenues from the project within the community.

- Ray T. Orvin, Jr., Executive Director, Renewable Water Resources (ReWa)

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