Stantec becomes major infrastructure player in the UK following integration of MWH

London, 2 January, 2018 – Stantec, the leading global infrastructure design and delivery company, is today announcing the integration of MWH Treatment and MWH UK into the business.

The completion of the integration now makes Stantec an established key player in the UK infrastructure market as well as marking a further expansion of their combined service offering in the UK.

The change, effective from 1 January, means that MWH Treatment and MWH UK will now be known as Stantec Treatment and Stantec. This follows the merger in March 2016, which saw the creation of a combined business with 22,000 employees globally, across 400 locations, spanning six continents.

The union of the two companies presents the UK business with an excellent opportunity to build on its reputation as a leader in the water sector and expand its expertise further into infrastructure, energy and resources, environmental services and buildings.

Stantec believes that bringing this diverse technical excellence to bear will help it tackle the biggest challenges facing the utilities, infrastructure and built environment sectors. Stantec has identified four key areas that the industry will need to focus on in 2018 and beyond:

  • Putting the customer first: designing with the community in mind, so that projects deliver the most benefits for communities and customers.
  • Resilience: safeguarding infrastructure, environments and quality of life to meet the challenges of climate change, operational disruption and future shifts in population.
  • Affordability: developing plans, programmes and solutions that are financially sustainable and affordable in the face of sponsors and regulators need to drive cost effective solutions for business, communities and the customer.
  • Creativity and innovation: ensuring that latest ideas, processes, technologies and best practices are deployed in every project.

Stantec will work with its clients and partners to tackle these four challenges collaboratively over the coming years.

Paul Bresnan, Managing Director, Stantec Treatment, said, “We’ve worked hard to become a leading design & build organisation in the UK water sector, reaching this position by consistently delivering and outperforming for clients. This new development signals our ambition to build on this success.

“We are already seeing the benefit of bringing together our combined knowledge and experience and we are confident that this will drive the growth of our UK business.”

Cath Schefer, Managing Director, Stantec UK, said: “The move to Stantec is an important and exciting step forward for our business that has a 150 year history and a rich heritage. Throughout the integration process, it has been clear to all of us that Stantec and MWH values are very well aligned.

“With infrastructure development high on the UK agenda, our ambition is to deploy our expertise across multiple sectors and be a part of the many new programmes and projects due to begin over coming years.”


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