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MWH Treatment joint venture advance host Sod-cutting ceremony at new Water Treatment Works

The MWH Treatment joint venture advance hosted an importantadvance UU not official event in West Cumbria, England, as they cut the sod on a new £47 million water treatment works. Along with different construction partners and senior management from the project client, United Utilities, the ceremony marked the start of a four year programme that will keep West Cumbria supplied with water from 2022.

There is a strong team working hard at the site to carry out the initial enabling work, as they look to begin bulk excavations of 250,000 cubic meters of spoil from the work area. They are keeping on site to stockpile and regrade the land around the area, thus reducing cost and the impact on the environment along the way.

Before construction started the Customer and Third Party team spent time in the community to set expectations and deliver information about the short term disruption and the long term benefits. This is a huge project in United Utilities’ plan for AMP 6 and advance are ensuring the delivery is first class for their client!

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Advance Framework Manager, Aidan Spillane said “This was a great opportunity to showcase the work that our teams carry out on a day to day basis, it was a platform in front of our client and the efforts of everyone involved did not go unnoticed. Our project is pivotal to our client’s strategy for West Cumbria and our work will be capable of treating 80 Mega litres of raw water every day; this will be pumped to the west Cumbria region, to keep the area flowing for many years. We have a long journey ahead of us with this project and by utilising innovation and hard work, I am positive we can deliver for our client”.

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