MWH Treatment Winners at the Digital Construction Awards

​Following on from the finalist announcements last month, MWH Treatment have gone on to win at the Digital Constructor Awards in both nominated categories!


The Minworth THP was Industrial Winner for their use of Synchro on the project and Project Director Richard Thomson was delighted with the result.

“We have been able to use the 4D digital rehearsals to improve visualisation of complex site installation activities with key stakeholders so the team were fully engaged. This has benefited the planning and implementation of the work which was delivered to the highest safety standards in a shorter duration. Well done to the whole Minworth THP team for embracing this new technology and learning how to apply it successfully.”

Raghu Gondi was named 4D Planner of the Year for the UK, which is an excellent achievement considering the other names involved. Richard was also full of praise for Raghu.

“Special congratulations to Raghu Gondi for winning 4D Planner of the Year (UK), which was incredibly well deserved. Raghu has driven the team proactively to achieve stretch targets and given the project the momentum it needs to achieve the challenging programme using this leading edge software.”

The awards will be presented next year in Amsterdam. Congratulations to the winners!

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