STEM Ambassadors

STEM Volunteering at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

STEM AmbassadorsGetting students all fired up about engineering is what our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassadors try and do each time they volunteer at an event. This time it was MWH Treatment Process Engineer Adriana Reyes Cordoba’s turn to engage with approximately 60 pupils aged 13-14 and excite them about a future in engineering. Adriana used the Underground Manchester exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry which was a great backdrop to introduce water supply and sewage from Roman times to modern day. Adriana commented, “the whole event was a success, and it is great to see pupils amazed when you talk about using sewage to generate electricity and also about how we are involved with using ‘bugs’ to treat water to make it drinkable again! Being a STEM Ambassador is really rewarding, and I would encourage everyone to get involved.”

If you wish to become a STEM Ambassador, please contact Adriana, Maurice Stokes, Slavka Harrison, or James Mashhouri to find out more.

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