Bulding a Better You

Wellness Program expanding to new offices and projects in 2016

MWH Wellness Program is expanding in 2016! In May, more than 400 of our 700+ employees will be able to get a 15 minute biometric screening done where they work. Onsite screenings will take place at both our Broomfield and Slayden offices as well as our larger jobsites: Bachman and JB3 in Texas; Lake Oswego, Oregon; and Louisville, Colorado.  For craft employees, this is all you need to be eligible for our $200 wellness benefit! Our professional employees will need to complete the biometric screening and an online health assessment on the Building a Better You website to be eligible for the benefit. For those who can’t make an onsite biometric screening, Lisa Ponder or your jobsite administrative assistant has the forms you need to bring to your doctor to complete the screening. Remember, under our health insurance everyone has one free wellness visit each year.

For those who would like to continue working on physical, emotional, financial and mental well-being, the Building a Better You website has important information as well as several challenges that change every few months to earn points toward a Fitbit and a drawing for bigger prizes in November. Watch for office and project specific challenges during the summer months! Craft employees can earn a Fitbit by participating in your project’s summer challenge.

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