Women in Construction Week | Amanda Hooser

We are kicking off Women in Construction Week by highlighting some of the great women at MWH.

Amanda Hooser, our Commercial Project Manager, is the first of multiple MWH women we will be highlighting this week.

Amanda has a long history in construction, having begun her career at age 19 as an intern in Seattle, WA. She studied Construction Engineering Management at Oregon State University. When she wasn’t busy studying, she was also an Oregon State cheerleader. After graduating in 2018, Amanda moved to California where she worked on a heavy highway project. A rising star, she quickly became the youngest Assistant Project Manager in the history of that company.

In 2020, Amanda joined the MWH team in Dallas, TX to work on the TRA Bio-Solids Project, and later closed out the Stewart Creek Project. As a result of her achievements, she is now our youngest PM at MWH.  She is currently closing out the Orange County Phase V and IPS Projects, which will both be ending this year.

When asked what she loved most about the team she works with, she said, “I love the level of expertise in this trailer. I am fortunate enough to work with some of MWH’s most seasoned and senior employees and I enjoy getting to observe how they problem solve”.

Outside of her work, Amanda enjoys volunteering at her church and sewing.  She’s passionate about helping others and mentoring other young people in construction.

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