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For over 30 years, MWH has delivered solutions…

for industrial clients to meet their process water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure needs and to oversee other manufacturing and infrastructure projects. Our focus has included providing clients with completed projects to provide ultra-pure water systems for advanced manufacturing needs, fire suppressions and mechanical systems for laboratory and production spaces, wastewater treatment and reuse facilities, air handling and chemical systems, and complete clean room certified workspaces and tool installation.

These projects are critical for our clients and our focus is on providing cost-effective and reliable solutions while avoiding impacts, delays, or downtime on the production facilities.


To ensure high-quality results…

our teams utilize extensive digital delivery technologies such as 3D and 4D modeling, augmented or virtual reality walk-throughs, and laser scanning to ensure accurate as-builts and installation results. We look for ways to optimize the schedule to accelerate production-ready facilities and capacities to enable a faster ROI on these investments for our clients.  

Featured Projects

ISO 4 (Class 10) Cleanroom Expansion Project

This ambitious project involved a significant overhaul of the client’s existing warehouse, transforming it into an ISO 4 (FED STD 209E: Class 10) cleanroom spanning 25,000 ft2.  This “bay and chase” cleanroom was held to stringent ISO 4 standards, allowing no more than ten thousand 0.1μm sized particles per cubic meter. A new mezzanine floor was constructed above the cleanroom and will support re-circulating air handler units, secondary production tool equipment, and utility connections for production equipment on both levels.

The project proceeded at an astonishing pace, with certification of the cleanroom being achieved just six months after the completion of the new structure. Cleanroom certification was finalized one month ahead of the original schedule, an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without the efficiency and dedication of the entire project team..

Semiconductor Wastewater Advanced Treatment & Reuse Facility

MWH was selected by a confidential global semiconductor manufacturer to develop, design, construct, and operate a facility to treat their fabrication facility wastewater for reuse and generate zero liquid discharge. This was the first semiconductor water reuse facility in the US. The $417M plant uses Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) / Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) combined with other advanced water treatment systems to reclaim a portion of the high-quality finished water effluent and make it available for use onsite in order to reduce the client’s need to purchase additional potable water for production needs..

Semiconductor Manufacturing Small Projects

MWH was contracted by a global confidential semi-conductor manufacturing client to perform design-build services on various projects.

Using our proprietary Project Delivery System, MWH successfully delivered over 5,051 projects over six years at 24 locations in two countries consisting of data centers, office renovations, roofing, paving, landscaping, green energy, seismic upgrades, server laboratories, café renovations, fabrication factory demolition, as well as critical site infrastructure, mechanical, electrical, and tool projects..