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South Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility Expansion

    On Schedule
    On Budget
    Washoe County
    Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR, CM/GC)
    Reno, NV
    June 2020

    This CMAR project, delivered under eight GMPs, consists of two phases :

    Phase 1A: Expansion of Huffaker Hills Reservoir

    MWH raised the effluent reservoir 27 feet, providing the County with an additional 2,000-acre-feet of available effluent storage. The scope included grubbing, clearing, mass excavation, handling/processing 150,000 cubic yards of material, and placing 1.4 million square feet of liner. The expanded reservoir stores treated effluent during the fall and winter months and distributes it to end users during the spring and summer months for irrigation purposes. This phase of the project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

    Phase 1B: Facility Upgrades & Expansion

    Currently under construction, this project phase expands the existing sewage treatment capacity from an average daily flow of 4.1 MGD to 6.0 MGD. The scope includes:
    Upgrading and expanding the headworks;
    – Demolishing abandoned headworks structures;
    – Constructing new grit removal and blower building;
    – Refurbishing a blower building;
    – Yard piping and site electrical;
    – Constructing Bioreactors 3 and 4;
    – Upgrading Bioreactors 1 and 2;
    – Replacing digester blowers;
    – Dewatering the site;
    – Upgrading Export, Field Creek, RAS/WAS, and Effluent Pump Stations; and
    – Miscellaneous site improvements.

    This phase of the project is currently on schedule for completion in 2025.

    project partners
    KG Walters
    "MWH has been effective and professional in providing pre-construction services. The County specifically values MWH's knowledge and recommendations to minimize risk associated with supply chain demands and cost escalation during these unprecedented times."
    Megan Sizelove, PE
    Project Manager, Washoe County