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Town of Eagle Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant

    On Budget
    On Schedule
    Zero Lost Time
    Town of Eagle
    Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR, CM/GC)
    Eagle, CO
    July 2018

    With just 6,500 residents, the Town of Eagle is known for its mountain biking and beautiful trails. Located 30 minutes from Vail, it is a haven for people who love the outdoor lifestyle, providing endless hiking and biking during the summer and easy access to world-class slopes in the winter.
    In 2018, at 90% of its peak capacity, the struggling water treatment plant needed a significant upgrade to meet the demand of a growing population. The Town of Eagle moved forward with plans to construct a second water treatment facility. Using water from the Upper Brush Creek, the Lower Basin Water Treatment Plant added an additional 2.5 million gallons a day (MGD) to the Eagle community, with the ability to expand to 5 MGD if needed. The new plant is projected to provide quality water treatment to the area for the next 20 years.
    Because winter conditions in the high country can last well into spring, additional planning was required on the part of MWH to keep the project on schedule despite unpredictable weather. This project utilized a Suez Water Membrane Treatment System. Other scopes of work included flocculation and sedimentation basins, chlorine contact and clearwell basins, a hydrostatic membrane tank, and raw water pump station. Electrical, yard piping, reinforced concrete, HVAC, and startup and commissioning were also part of this project. MWH self-performed work, including, process piping, process equipment, and demolition.
    The Lower Basin Water Treatment plant will not only ensure water requirements are met, but it will also provide greater reliability, flexibility, and redundancy in the system itself. By having a second filtration plant, in the event of contamination (wildfires being a primary concern), residents are ensured a continuous supply of water.

    MWH proved itself to be a knowledgeable and thorough water/wastewater contractor. The field team showed great attention to detail and an ability to quickly address any needs for the project. The self-perform crew was a great addition to the project and allowed for a quality process mechanical installation. We also found MWH’s commitment to safety and quality to be meaningful, with proactive approaches and regular monitoring that resulted in an excellent safety and quality record throughout the project.
    Bryon McGinnis
    Public Works Director, Town of Eagle