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The Logan Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Project Wins ACI Award

    Author: Lana Piskorowski

    The Logan Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility in Logan, UT, received the esteemed 2023 Excellence in Concrete Award from the American Concrete Institute’s Intermountain Chapter. MWH constructed this cutting-edge 18 MGD (million gallons daily) treatment plant using an impressive 27,000 cubic yards of concrete.

    The project was a triumph of collaboration and innovation, as MWH worked tirelessly with the City of Logan and project partners to construct the state-of-the-art facility from scratch. Engineering expertise was provided by MWH’s long-standing design partner Carollo Engineers, and the concrete effort was supported by trusted subcontractors Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction, Champion Fabricating & Supply Inc., KGS Steel Inc, and concrete supplier Legrand Johnson Construction. MWH recognizes all our project partners for their invaluable contributions to the project’s success.

    The facility was designed to address the growing demands of the community and to meet stringent environmental regulations. It encompassed a comprehensive range of complex components, including the largest magnetite dosing (BioMag ™) treatment plant in the western US. The scope comprised solids holding and processing, secondary clarifiers, influent pump station, fine screen headworks, grit removal structure, biological reactors, UV disinfection, and chemical feed and storage, among other vital elements. The project also required intricate earthwork, auger cast pile foundations, shoring, and complex yard piping.

    Our multidisciplinary team’s unwavering commitment to technical excellence and delivering substantial value engineering cost savings was evident throughout the project. Multiple workshops were conducted to identify innovative solutions, resulting in a remarkable cost reduction of $32M from the initial estimate of $171M – reflecting our dedication to providing the best outcome for the city. Moreover, construction took place in harsh winter conditions. The inversion trapping frigid temperatures in the Cache Valley presented unique challenges. Yet, MWH’s experienced construction team skillfully navigated these obstacles, adapting their approach to ensure the project progressed as scheduled.  

    The Logan Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility is a shining example of what can be achieved when collaboration and expertise unite. MWH takes immense pride in its contribution to this groundbreaking project, which has redefined wastewater treatment capabilities in the area and paved the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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