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Water Reclamation at Spokane’s Riverside Park

    No discussion on water reclamation would be complete without acknowledging the remarkable accomplishments of the Spokane Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility. The facility secured the Award of Merit in the water and environment category during last year’s Engineering News-Record Northwest Best Projects competition.

    As Spokane’s oldest and most extensive water recycling center, the Riverside Park Reclamation Facility caters to a community of 210,000 residents, providing a combined storm and sanitary sewer system. It processes about 34 million gallons a day (MGD) of wastewater, with peak flows reaching 150 MGD. The treated water is then released into the Spokane River, underscoring the facility’s crucial impact on the local waterway.

    The project utilized an advanced membrane filtration system, the Next Level of Treatment, featuring stalled flash and floc systems, a Clean-in-Place system, and the largest membrane system of its kind. Opting for the Pall Aria™ FLEX system was motivated by its noteworthy cost efficiencies, superior water recovery, simplified integrity testing, reduced maintenance needs, and streamlined construction process. This customized system successfully met the objective of curbing phosphorus levels, enhancing phosphorus removal from the Spokane River discharge to an impressive 99%.

    "It's incredibly rewarding to be part of a company dedicated to environmental betterment. In this project, we lowered phosphorus levels and enhanced effluent quality. The restoration of the Spokane River holds the promise of healthier aquatic life and revitalized fish habitats.”
    Andrew Pharis
    Director of Operations, Slayden

    The new system notably improved the vitality of the river and increased the removal of heavy metals, PCBs, and hazardous pollutants. Future UV disinfection will advance treated water to Class A standards, paving the way for its reuse in irrigation, wetland augmentation, and groundwater recharge. Jeff Wall, Vice President and Senior Project Manager at Slayden recalled, “Being involved in the Spokane project was truly exciting. Our installation of a membrane tertiary treatment system marks a pivotal stride towards facilitating water reuse in the region.”

    “Water has always been vital to civilization, and water scarcity is becoming even more prevalent. I’m enthusiastic about being in an industry that centers on enhancing our environment through water-focused initiatives,” said Wall, “We have a responsibility to enhance our water conservation methods.”

    Author: Lana Piskorowski

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