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Welcome to the New Phoenix Office

    After a year of meticulous planning and excited anticipation, MWH’s Phoenix Team moved into their new office on June 1, 2023. Let’s take a look around!

    Open & Inviting Reception Area

    MWH employees with their friends and family gathered around the Water Bar during the Phoenix Office's Grand Opening.

    All who walk into the open-concept lobby are welcomed with a stunning view of Scottsdale’s famous Papago Park, the well-stocked Water Bar, and a hand-painted mural of insert location in the spacious kitchen and dining area.

    From the color scheme to the Water Bar, this sleek new space’s design builds on the best aspects of MWH’s Broomfield office. The bar is a beloved spot at MWH HQ where coworkers, clients, and trade partners gather. Understanding the benefits of having a unique social hub in the office, the MWH Design Team created a similar gathering place with water and local beer on tap.

    Now, the Phoenix Team congregates at the bar to eat lunch, conduct impromptu meetings, and ring the bell after major wins. Team members also invite potential new hires to the Water Bar to discuss their career goals and the many benefits of becoming a part of our growing team.


    “Finally, a place to call home away from home. After a year of shuffling around from shared office spaces to the temporary office, this beautiful office was a welcoming experience. The Water Bar provides a different experience where we can gather and talk shop without the feeling of being in a meeting room.”


    Director of Pre-Construction

    State-of-the-Art Collaborative Spaces

    The new office boasts several unique rooms that were designed to accommodate a variety of uses, such as interdepartmental events, executive meetings, and educational workshops. Cactus is a private meeting space with a beautiful view while neighboring Coyote is a stately conference room featuring a glass wall frosted with the MWH logo and a breathtaking view of Papago Butte.

    The Coyote Conference Room with a view of the Papago Butte.

    The War Rooms are the Phoenix Team’s favorite collaborative area thus far. This adaptable space, which can be divided into two separate rooms, is equipped with large TVs, glass wall-mounted whiteboards, and whiteboard desks that can be configured to meet the needs of any event. Within just the first month of opening, the Phoenix team held Marketing and Estimating Summits in the War Rooms, hosting MWH, Slayden, and Methuen team members from across the US.

    Sleek & Comfortable Workspaces

    The private offices, bullpens, and cubicles are bright and bustling with coworkers hard at work. Each of these fresh workspaces were built with innovation, collaboration, and comfort in mind. The Phoenix office truly has a work area to fit the needs of each team member. All work areas include:

    • Adjustable standing desks
    • Ergonomic chairs
    • Easy-to-use docking stations
    • Mounted dual monitors
    • Ample and secure storage

    “I was completely in awe with the desert mural in the break room when I arrived on the first day. The lighting is excellent throughout the office and boosts mood and positivity. I also love the organization in the kitchen and how it’s stocked with so many amenities! Having an extra microwave really helps!”

    MARIA CONTRADA, Contract Manager

    The Team That Made It Happen

    Opening this new office required countless phone calls, dozens of meetings, and many months of hard work. From developing the design and coordinating with contractors to selecting furniture and adding finishing touches, the team driving the new office effort gave it their all to make what was once a wish for the future into a stunning reality.

    MWH and the Phoenix Team extend their deepest appreciation to:

    • Shannon Rowley & Mark Crouser (Conceptualization, Design & Planning)
    • Savanna Auay-Fuay (Logistics & Coordination)
    • Kevin Hoskins (Project Manager)

    Hats off to our team for nailing the design, layout, and all the features that typically are forgotten or forgone due to budget constraints. Our new Phoenix office is multiple levels ahead of any other company that I’ve seen. From the water bar and the war rooms to the bullpens for the different teams and the functional kitchen that flows into the bar area, the new office allows us to have great company functions at our office. This is an office we are all proud to invite our owners, JV partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and others to show off the MWH brand. Well done, team!”

    Senior VP & Project Executive

    Author: Alexis Gee

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